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Student Information

Family Data
1st Guardian (to whom the school reports and other correspondance should be addressed)

2nd Guardian

Siblings (if any)

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Other Important Information
In case of emergency, who would you like the school to contact> (other than Parent/Guardian)
Registration required documents:

You are kindly requested to complete your child's admission folder with the below missing documents as they are required by the mnistry of education for registration approval:

  1. Application Form (Please fill out all fields and use capital letters for the names)
  2. Three recent passport photographs
  3. Copy of vaccination card
  4. Applicant Identification
    • For Non Saudi Arabian applicants: Copy of renewed resident permit (Iqama)
    • For Saudi Arabian applicant: Copy of Saudi family card (front and back sides)
    • For Gulf country citizen applicants: passport copy or the country citizenship ID
    • Saudi ID card (if mother is Saudi)
  5. Copy of student, mother and father passport
  6. Sponsor's letter from the sponsor's work place
  7. Original school reports from grade one till current grade
  8. An attested last report card
    • From the Ministry of Education in the country applicants are coming from and the Saudi Embassy, if transferred from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • From the Saudi Ministry of Education if transferred from outside Riyadh
  9. An attested last term reports if joining mid-year and transferring from outside Riyadh or outside the Kingdom
  10. Original ministry approval from the previous school if transferred from a school inside Riyadh
  11. "Noor Program" print out if transferred from within Riyadh or within the Kingdom
  12. Financial clearance from the last attended school if transferred from a school inside Riyadh if transferring from an international school
  13. Guardian's statement (your statement as to why you chose our school)
I, the parent, guarantee to submit the required documents no later than
I, the parent, confirm all above details to be correct

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