The SABIS® Student Life Organization

The schools in the SABIS® Network firmly believe that education has the power to change the world. The SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO), a distinctive and integral part of the SABIS® Educational System, gives students the opportunity to develop “life” skills that empower them to make a difference.

The SLO is the students' mini-society. Prefects who are selected - not elected - manage SLO. All students are encouraged to join SLO and take an active part in their education, both at the academic and non-academic levels. Working in cooperation with and complementing the efforts of the administrative and academic staff, SLO prefects are valuable assets to their schools. They help to raise the general standard, promote high social and moral values, and encourage participation in a wide range of additional activities. Student Life Coordinators allocate “real-life” tasks to students, and advise and support them in all of their efforts.

The SABIS® Student Life Organization contributes to ensuring that SABIS® Network schools educate outstanding students who are academically strong, morally sound, mentally sharp, and socially aware.